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5 tips for dealing with homeowner associations

On Behalf of | Mar 11, 2024 | Real Estate Law |

Living in a community governed by a homeowner association offers many benefits. For instance, neighborhoods with HOAs are usually well maintained, which can lead to higher home values.

However, it also means adhering to specific orders and guidelines. If your desires clash with the existing statutes, working with the board is the only way to instigate change.

Tip 1. Read the rules and regulations

Begin by understanding the standards set forth by the association. These are typically within the territory’s covenants, conditions and restrictions (CC&Rs). Other guidelines and mandates may exist as bylaws or policies.

Tip 2. Express yourself effectively

Healthy communication is fundamental in any relationship, including the one with your HOA. When questions arise, present them to the board respectfully. Choose your words carefully, and be as unambiguous as possible. Be sure to provide any relevant information to help everyone understand your perspective.

Tip 3. Get active

Involvement in your HOA can provide a platform to voice your opinions and influence those in positions of power. Attend meetings, vote in elections, and volunteer for committees. Such moves should give insight into how the group operates.

Tip 4. Resolve conflicts amicably

Disagreements might arise between you and the HOA or other residents. Try to solve them peacefully. Approach the situation with a solution in mind and be open to compromise. A calm and cooperative attitude often leads to a more satisfactory conclusion.

Tip 5. Document your interactions

Keeping a record of your dealings is helpful, especially if a dispute escalates. Memorialize details of conversations, meetings and decisions. Keep copies of all correspondence, as this information can serve as a reference point that clarifies misunderstandings.

Despite the challenges, it remains possible to forge a positive and productive affiliation with your HOA. A wise approach to dealing with your area’s representatives should improve the odds of getting what you want.