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Real Estate Finance

Michael Bordy is a recognized leader in real estate law and finance law. He regularly represents the interests of lenders and borrowers involved in debt and equity real estate secured and unsecured financing transactions. With 35 years of real estate legal experience, Mr. Bordy competently handles all major aspects of real estate transactions, including financing transactions for every class of property. Mr. Bordy closes large and complex transactions in an efficient and quick fashion.

Some of the transactions that Mr. Bordy handles on an ongoing basis include:

  • Agency lending
  • Construction lending
  • Development agreements
  • Distressed debt
  • Mezzanine finance
  • Purchase agreements
  • Preferred equity

California businesses must take great care when making capital expenditures, especially transactions involving the sale, lease or purchase of real property. These transactions often represent some of the most valuable transactions that the business will make during its lifetime. Mr. Bordy can help businesses with all phases of this process.

Real estate finance is also not just necessarily for business, it may also be for home buyers. While it is true that you may already have your real estate agent when you are buying a home, it still has a big difference if you have a real estate attorney. Having a lawyer who specializes in real estate finance will put your mind at ease when it comes to contracts and other legal documents. Not only can your real estate lawyer negotiate for you, but your attorney will also check and make sure that all the documents are legally binding and are in line with the law of your state. Isn’t that a great relief for you? You can focus on other things while your real estate lawyer makes sure everything is going great and legal with your real estate transactions. Title searches are a part of a process when you are buying a home, if anything problematic comes up, you do not have to panic because all the legal concerns can be handled by your real estate lawyer.

For property transfers, we all know that many people are involved in this transaction. A property transfer might involve a corporation, partnership or trusts. With that said, the negotiations and drafting of contracts are very complex. Failing to have the proper documents might cause a lot of damage and may cost you a lot of money. Estate taxes, deeds and even building permits are all something that you should face if you do not have a real estate lawyer. A real estate attorney understands all the processes and what must be done in order to ensure your best interests are protected. That is why working with an attorney is best for you.

Sellers also hire attorneys. If you are a seller, you want an attorney to represent you. This is not a requirement, but having one protects you from future problems and may mitigate your risks from a possible litigation. If something went wrong in a transaction, the buyers might sue the seller. And then you do not have a real estate lawyer to run to. [With an attorney representing you from the beginning, the documents will be negotiated and the possible risks identified. Not only that, disclosures to the buyers will be overseen by the attorney. You will mitigate future problems if you work with a real estate lawyer.

When you want a real estate attorney to counsel and assist in your transactions. Who do you call? You contact an experienced and accomplished lawyer in your area and that is Michael Bordy. Because of his experiences for almost three decades in practicing law and handling real estate transactions, he has extensive knowledge to assist you with your transactions. He is committed and works efficiently. Michael Bordy has helped businesses, commercial property owners, home buyers and landlords throughout the years. He works with them in all the phases of the process in real estate transactions.

Mr. Bordy has long-standing relationships with commercial developers, banks, companies, contractors and individuals that he has developed over the years. He works diligently to structure deals that save money, avoid possible pitfalls and achieve success. Contact him today to schedule a confidential consultation by calling 310-819-9284 or filling out our online contact form.