Dedicated Los Angeles CA Real Estate Attorney Protects Your Interests at All Times

At Bordy Law, we pride ourselves on zealously representing the interests of property owners and others who are confronting real estate issues. For more than 30 years, Attorney Michael Bordy has provided comprehensive legal services to clients throughout the Los Angeles CA area. We focus on providing cost-effective strategies that are customized to your legal matter. We offer strategic legal guidance to quickly resolve your legal matter outside the courtroom. If litigation is necessary, you can rely on our skilled representation and breadth of experience to protect your interests.

Responsive Los Angeles CA Real Estate Attorney You Can Turn To
As a Los Angeles CA real estate lawyer, Mr. Bordy provides skill and knowledge in these key areas that impact you:

  • Landlord/tenant disputes – Mr. Bordy can advise landlords or tenants of their rights, negotiate move-outs, represent clients involved in eviction proceedings and resolve breach of lease issues.
  • Condo law and homeowner association issues – Condo and homeowner association bylaws and governing rules can be complex. Mr. Bordy can inform clients of their rights under these provisions and negotiate resolutions when issues arise.
  • Purchase and sale of residential and commercial property – Mr. Bordy routinely reviews and drafts sales contracts, financing documents and real estate agreements. He can discuss all of the documents involved in the closing process and work to resolve any title issues.
  • Eminent domain matters – When government interest is involved, you may be required to relinquish all or a portion of your land in the public interest. However, you are entitled to fair compensation and strict rules must be followed.
  • Homeowner disputes – Homeowners may confront a number of different disputes, such as disputes regarding their boundary lines, restrictive covenants or easement issues.
  • Negotiations – Any real estate matter may ultimately come down to negotiations. Mr. Bordy has more than 26 years of experience in resolving real estate matters and put his extensive experience to use to help you secure a favorable outcome.

Mr. Bordy’s legal representation starts at drafting strong contracts that identify potential risks and minimizes them. If a legal issue arises during the process, he will work to resolve the dispute through negotiations. This approach saves individuals and businesses time, money and stress.

Experienced Real Estate Attorney Effectively Resolves Disputes
As a longtime resident of Los Angeles, CA, Mr. Bordy is familiar with the local market and he has represented parties in numerous commercial and residential real estate issues. He understands the stakes involved and will get to work quickly on your behalf to protect your interests and mitigate risks. No real estate matter is too simple or too complex for Mr. Bordy to handle. He fights to protect his clients’ rights whether they are purchasing a property, having a dispute with a neighbor, selling an inherited property or fighting against zoning issues. He is available for consultation at (310) 881-6800.

Los Angeles CA Real Estate Attorney