A Deal Maker,
Not A Deal Breaker

Serving Businesses In All Industries

When California businesses need help researching, preparing, reviewing or negotiating documents, Michael Bordy is often the attorney of choice. His extensive understanding and experience in business law have benefitted entrepreneurs and businesses across Southern California. From assisting startups in establishing the most appropriate type of business to helping mature companies with daily operations and succession planning, Michael Bordy helps businesses at every stage of the business life cycle.

Representing Clients In Business Transactions

Michael Bordy represents entrepreneurs and low-midmarket companies involved in business transactions. He taps his extensive knowledge of California law to draft, review and negotiate business transaction documents and agreements, including:

  • Drafting of purchase agreements
  • Completing contracts regarding commercial property sales
  • Performing due diligence on real estate ventures and other investment opportunities
  • Advising on rights involved in business transactions

30 years as a transactional attorney has given Mr. Bordy insights into the tangled web of business regulations and regulatory bylaws. Bordy Law has developed a reputation for successfully handling even the most complex business transactions.

Preparing, Reviewing And Negotiating Contracts

Mr. Bordy’s pragmatic approach to business helps him view contracts in a holistic fashion. He advises clients on the legal, tax and business ramifications of contracts, agreements and transactions. Services he provides include:

  • Ensuring compliance with regulatory agencies
  • Identifying potential problems in contracts and finding solutions
  • Preparing distributor and supply agreements
  • Preparing confidentiality and noncompete agreements
  • Preparing employment agreements
  • Drafting shareholder or partnership buyout agreements

Mr. Bordy works on various types of business transactions in a wide range of industries. His knowledge, experience and reputation garner a large referral business from other law firms.

For A Business Lawyer With 35 Years Of Experience, Contact Bordy Law

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