Given his extensive business and legal background, Mr. Bordy focuses on providing his clients with environmentally beneficial results while minimizing the cost necessary to remain compliant with regulatory agencies. His straightforward approach allows him to guide commercial clients through complex environmental legal issues. He is constantly called upon by California businesses when determining remediation requirements, enforcement matters and compliance matters. Additionally, he helps companies that purchase businesses that may have an environmental impact or liabilities. He can also assist clients who are undergoing government regulatory audits and investigations.

With more than two decades of sustained work in resolving environmental law problems, defending clients’ rights and protecting the sustainability of California businesses, Michael Bordy is a recognized leader in the industry. He works diligently for publicly traded corporations, privately-held firms and small businesses throughout California and the United States to protect their legal interests and advise them of their rights during an environmental law issue. He has favorably resolved many cases involving complex environmental issues. His legal services are tailored to achieve your objectives in the most efficient ways possible, shape a strategy designed to the strengths of our case and advocate for you to achieve the best possible resolution. Michael’s personalized approach, combined with 20-plus years of practical experience, leaves you in capable hands when confronting complex environmental concerns.