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Resolving Environmental Law Challenges

With a graduate degree in biological sciences and 35 years of experience with environmental law issues, maximizing clients’ property rights and protecting the viability of California businesses, Michael Bordy is a recognized authority in the industry. He works diligently to advise businesses and protect their legal interests and rights in environmental matters. His legal services are tailored to achieve your objectives in the most efficient ways possible, shape a strategy designed to the strengths of your case and advocate for you to achieve the best possible resolution.

Navigating Legal And Regulatory Compliance Issues

Attorney Bordy has favorably closed many transactions involving complex environmental issues. His personalized approach combined with his extensive practical experience has allowed him to develop working relationships with the agencies that oversee regulatory compliance. He understands how the various environmental law acts work together, affecting real estate transactions and development projects.

At Bordy Law, Mr. Bordy offers strategic guidance in dealing with the various local, state and federal organizations involved in regulatory compliance. To help businesses and individuals comply with environmental regulations, he offers services such as:

  • Posting notices to comply with state or federal requirements for possible exposure to hazardous materials
  • Negotiating environmental and hazardous materials provisions in financing agreement leases
  • Helping clients with environmental due diligence associated with properties to be sold or financed

By leveraging our experience and relationships, we find cost-effective ways to get the permits and approvals necessary to move projects forward. We also help companies that purchase businesses that may have an environmental impact or liabilities. Our services also include representing clients who are undergoing government regulatory audits and investigations.

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