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A landlord’s responsibility to provide a safe living environment

On Behalf of | Feb 26, 2024 | Landlord/Tenant Concerns |

When it comes to rental properties, landlords must ensure they are providing secure living spaces. Safety remains a top priority.

Tenants should be equally aware of the elements contributing to danger-free residences. Voicing concerns can set the wheels in motion to stop a tragedy from occurring.

Maintaining structural integrity

Landlords need to check that their buildings are fundamentally stable. They are duty-bound to perform regular inspections and correct flaws with roofs, floors, walls and staircases. Ignoring such faults can lead to terrible accidents.

Ensuring proper utilities

Rentals must include access to water, electricity and heat. Periodic safety checks on electrical wiring, gas lines and heating units can mitigate devastating threats.

Addressing environmental hazards

Landlords have to be vigilant regarding environmental concerns that could affect the health of their tenants. Mold, lead paint and asbestos pose severe risks to all who come in contact with them. Landlords should hire professionals to look for problems and take action the instant they surface.

Providing protection

Proper rental spaces have locks on doors and windows, security systems and lighting around common areas. These elements help protect tenants from potential break-ins and improve overall security.

Responding to tenant concerns

Responsible landlords are responsive to tenant worries. Whether the complaint concerns a broken lock, a faulty smoke detector or a pipe leak, they are proactive about squaring away issues that threaten to create trouble.

Landlords are duty-bound to provide quality habitats for their tenants. Those who do not could face a lawsuit from a renter who experiences an avoidable injury.