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Do I have to get a property inspection before buying?

On Behalf of | Aug 14, 2023 | Real Estate Law |

When you want to buy a property, it is always in your best interest to get an inspection. It is usually not a requirement, but some lenders may make it mandatory. Even if you do not have any obligation to get one, you should still do it.

A property inspection gives you an assessment of the condition of the home. It uncovers issues that could be quite costly. Plus, most offers made for purchase will be contingent on the outcome of an inspection, which means you can walk away if you discover serious problems with the home.

Downside to no inspection

Deciding not to get an inspection means you have to take the word of the seller that there is nothing wrong. You also have no legal recourse should you discover a serious problem after you close. You also lose the opportunity to demand the seller make repairs before closing or the chance for a negotiation point you can use to lower the offer.

Bypassing the inspection

Some people choose to buy without an inspection because they feel waiting for one or even suggesting an inspection could cause a seller to reject their offer. If this happens, it honestly is in your best interests to walk away. The chances are good the seller is hiding something. Even in a market where the seller may have multiple offers, not allowing an inspection is a sign that there is something wrong that the seller hopes you do not discover.

An inspection is always a good idea. You should not rush into buying a property until you have a competent inspector look it over.