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Has your landlord violated the terms of your commercial lease?

On Behalf of | Jun 9, 2021 | Landlord/Tenant Concerns |

Unlike residential leases which run month-to-month or single year terms, a commercial lease can go for several years in Los Angeles. That leaves a tenant legally responsible for the rent for a much longer period of time. If the landlord does something questionable, a tenant may feel like they don’t have many options. Usually a tenant cannot walk away due to a single breach of a rental clause.

Landlords may not live up to their end of the contract.

Negotiating issues with a landlord can quickly become complicated. Whether negotiating a new lease or enforcing an existing one, getting results quickly is important for a Los Angeles area business. Sometimes a landlord may not live up to their end of the contract. An example may be that the lease may have a clause that allows a landlord to adjust the common area maintenance (CAM) fees if their costs go up. However, some landlords may still attempt to collect these higher fees even if they don’t have a clause in the lease. Pushing back on this attempt by the landlord can be complicated.

Terminating a commercial lease

Not only do commercial leases last longer than residential leases, they are typically far more expensive. If a landlord does not adequately maintain a property or violates other terms of the lease, a tenant has no other choice but to leave. But getting out of a commercial lease can be tricky.

Any changes to a commercial lease can be complicated. An attorney who specializes in landlord/tenant matters can review the matters their client is having with their commercial lease and offer suggestions as to what legal options their client may have.