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In real estate transactions, we can protect your interests

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Buying and selling real estate is complicated. Real estate law is arcane, and it has its roots in centuries gone by, which is why many attorneys shy away from many real estate law issues, but not Bordy Law. We zealously fight for our clients and protect their interests in all real estate transactions.

Experience matters

For over three decades, attorney Michael Bordy has represented Los Angeles real estate buyers and sellers, proving comprehensive legal services. Bordy Law tailors solutions to clients and their needs, which means you always get the most cost-effective strategies to your real estate legal issues.

Avoiding litigation

Indeed, Bordy Law prides itself on strategic legal guidance to avoid courtroom litigation. Our goal is to find solutions quickly, and the breadth of our experience affords our clients the opportunity to solve their issues without their escalating.

Condo and homeowner association issues

For example, the bylaws of homeowner associations and condo associations are complex, but they are governed by state law. Bordy Law can help you navigate these issues and help you understand the provisions to negotiate resolutions to perceived violations.

Purchase and sale

For both commercial and residential real estate transactions, Bordy Law can review and drafts sales contracts. This includes financing documents and real estate agreements, among many other real estate documents.

A true advocate

The key for our Los Angeles, California, readers is that Bordy Law has the breadth of experience that real estate transactions need. Additionally, we can be your advocate through the transaction, solving problems before they occur or representing you if problems arise.