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Los Angeles eviction moratorium will continue for the time being

On Behalf of | Sep 6, 2022 | Real Estate Law |

For Los Angeles property owners and people who rent those properties, understanding the eviction process is essential. From the perspective of the property owner, the right of eviction is a vital aspect of owning the property and maintaining it. This is true no matter how hard it is to initiate the removal of a tenant. For tenants, it is also critical to know their rights when they are threatened with eviction.

Given the recent health challenges, city lawmakers put in place protections to stop evictions. As society slowly returns to normal, there has been an ongoing debate as to when eviction moratoriums will end. A recent vote from the Los Angeles City Council extended the eviction moratorium for the time being. People still need to be prepared for the future as they deal with their concerns as a landlord or tenant.

Understanding the latest eviction moratorium extension

In late August, the City Council extended the long-running moratorium for a minimum of one more month. It has been in place since March 2020. This has caused concern as to the rights of landlords when their tenants are not upholding their end of the agreement. The moratorium was due to the health crisis and how it negatively impacted people’s finances with medical expenses, job loss and other problems.

One member expressed concern over how landlords were faring since the moratorium and that continuing it would extend their hardship. The Los Angeles Housing Department had recommended the moratorium be extended for the rest of 2022, but the City Council limited it to one more month.

Some recommendations would benefit landlords. One would stipulate that tenants repay what they owe in rental payments by this time next year. Landlord advocates were displeased with the scope of the report saying that enough time has passed that they should be allowed to initiate evictions if the circumstances call for it.

Landlords and tenants may need assistance with eviction concerns

As the potential end to the eviction moratorium approaches, it is imperative that everyone who can be affected by its conclusion be prepared. Landlords will again have the right to evict tenants who violate their lease by not paying rent, damaging the property or behaving in an illegal manner. Tenants can fight the eviction if they believe it violates the law.

Since landlord/tenant matters can be so confusing – especially with the ongoing moratorium – it is wise for both sides to be aware of their rights. Contacting experienced real estate legal professionals can assess the case and give guidance with the proper steps to take based on what is currently legal and what may be allowed in the future.